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Trucking Services From a 3PL

Every day, you see a variety of shipments on your highway commute. Each truck you see on the road may look similar, but it’s important to know that every driver has a unique purpose. Supply migration from one place to another requires certain types of drivers and trucking capabilities. These requirements are based on the described service of each trucking job within a 3PL provider. Read on below to learn a little more about the types of drivers that work with a logistics company.

Over-The-Road Drivers

Traveling long distances could mean spending a few to several weeks away from home – meaning that you do not go home to your family every night. The job of an over-the-road driver is a cross-country adventure, as these truckers drive and sleep in their vehicles at rest areas or truck stops. They must remain focused on transporting their shipment for several days at a time, averaging 600 miles per haul, especially if they are required to traverse across the country. Many OTR drivers have a driving partner with them so that they can get to their destination in half the time. One person sleeps while the other person drives, and they continually rotate until the delivery is executed.

Regional Truckers

An attractive perk of regional truck driving is that you get to explore the open road, but you return home more frequently and usually have rhythmic pattern in your schedule. Different trucking companies guidelines for what they consider “regional” differ. Some consider regional coming home every other week whereas as the trucking divisions at National Retail Systems, Inc. consider regional home multiple times a week. Just make sure to inquire about where you’ll reset. Our drivers at NRS always reset at home, and not over the road.

Local Drivers

You may hear local drivers also referred to as pick-up and delivery, or P&D drivers. They can work with light, medium, or heavy-duty trucks, and work in either route-sales or pick-up-and-delivery projects. Local drivers do get consistent home-time every day, and primarily work a certain shift everyday making their sleeping patterns consistent. They also work more directly with customers than other types of commercial truckers, and generally, make numerous store delivery stops every day. In many cases, a P&D driver may need additional communication skills in conjunction with his or her driving skills when meeting with a client.

Port Drivers

Port drivers must have a TWIC card, Transportation Worker Identification Credential, to run in and out the pier where they pick up large sea containers from port shipments. Like regional and local truckers, port drivers can often return home immediately following the work day, as they typically operate within a local port for the logistics company. Port drivers may also transport these containers to 3PL warehouse or distribution center for deconsolidation and further distribution. The amount of freight these drivers need to allocate is considerable, but all the more rewarding when considering the importance of their job in the grander scheme of product transportation.

Yard Switchers

Yard switchers are paid hourly and transport trailers to and from the dock doors and various designated parking spaces. Switchers typically stay within the yard and travel at low speeds, usually a top speed of 25 mph, to ensure safety and protection of freight. These drivers, also known as “yard hustlers,” are master maneuverers of trailers which is a skill that is developed with a lot of practice and patience. This small semi-truck is similar in concept to a switcher locomotive train that maneuvers individual railcars.

Truck Driver Jobs Near You

Understanding how each trucking job is different from one another is crucial in understanding how 3PLs function. In order to give businesses phenomenal 3PL service, National Retail Systems, Inc. tailors customized solutions to manage retail shipments in the most efficient way possible. The lifeblood of our logistics strategy lies with our dedicated fleet of truckers comfortable with operating at a high demand for all of our clients. If you’re interested in finding a satisfying trucking career, we at National Retail Systems, Inc. encourage you to contact us today to learn more about truck driving job opportunities in one of our two divisions: National Retail Transportation, Inc. or at Keystone Freight Corp.

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