Truck Driver Survives Tornado

Keystone Truck Driver Survives Tornado – Storm-chasers caught tornado footage north of Rochelle, Ill. of a Keystone Freight Corp. truck driver toppling over due to an F3 tornado. The incident was viewed on various news stations and social media channels on Friday, April 10.

Truck Driver Survives TornadoF3 Tornado North of Rochelle, Illinois.

Keystone Truck Driver Survives F3 Tornado North of Rochelle Illinois

“I listen to music, not necessarily the news, and I was going North on the interstate,” said Randy Scott. “The weather was funky but mild.”

Scott, a Keystone Freight Corp. truck driver for the past four years out of Minooka, Ill. has never seen a tornado in real-life. “I’ve only seen tornados from the news, and on movies like “The Wizard of Oz,” said Scott.

“Suddenly the sky out in the distance seemed really dark,” said Scott. “I look out East, and see a large tornado. I start to think this is kind of getting close.”

“I see a car parked on the side, and then the tornado wind starts to hit really hard,” said Scott. “I needed to get around the car, and then all of a sudden I start to feel my truck rocking.”

“I was trying to pull over and stop. I have both hands so tight on the steering wheel, and the next thing I know is my left-hand-side is up in the air and I was rolling off to the side of the road,” explained Scott.

“The whole thing happened in 5 to 6 seconds,” said Scott. “I started feeling horrible winds, and before I knew it the truck was flipped over on its side.”

National Retail Systems’ Truck Driver Safety Instructor, Joe Torres explains, “Most people don’t think the conditions are that bad until it is too late. Truck drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and use common sense.”

“If the weather is starting to look bad I recommend turning on the radio and get yourself informed,” said Torres. “If there is extreme wind conditions, especially out in the central states in what they call ‘tornado valley’ truck drivers should look to see if there is any underpasses they can pull off and park in.”

“If an underpass is no-where to be found, pull-over and call your dispatcher to inform them of the delay,” said Torres. “We urge everyone to play it safe, and always wear their seatbelt.”

Truck Driver TornadoAll tornadoes are spawned from a parent supercell, but not all supercells produce tornadoes. Supercells can be a familiar site for truck drivers who regularly travel through “Tornado Alley”.

“I had a false sense of security thinking that the tornado had passed,” said Scott. “The winds came so abruptly had I not had my seatbelt I would have been hurt a lot worse.”

Scott explained that the truck did not separate from the trailer. The tractor was trying to stay down, but ended up flipping both over in a matter of seconds. “I would’ve been thrown across my truck if not for the seatbelt,” said Scott.

“I’m lucky because I only encountered the shear winds of the tornado,” said Scott. “Next time, I will know better to not underestimate the forces of a tornado, but until then my fellow coworkers like to remind me, “There’s no place like home.

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