Truck Driver Celebrates 34 Years with NRS

The world of truck driving is experiencing a shift. Driver demand is changing, the pay, the gimmicks in recruitment, and the turnover rate that continues to rise in organization’s nationwide. In a time where all of the attention is on getting new drivers through the door we shifted our attention to a seasoned driver by highlighting what it takes to go the distance.

Truck Driver Celebrates 34 Years With NRSTruck Driver Juan Peral has been working at NRS for 34 years.

Juan Peral has been with National Retail Systems, Inc.’s Keystone Freight Corp. linehaul division for over 34 years. Although, he is not the longest running truck driver in our fleet Peral is a mascot and soundboard for the family-owned company.

“Considering when I started my intention was to only work over the winter, and the fact that I’m still here is a testament to how well the family treats me here,” said Peral.

Peral explains his ‘open door policy’ for other truck drivers in the fleet to call him when challenges arise. “I’ve known all of the drivers since they’ve started here,” said Peral. “They know they can come to me, and that I will listen.”

Some of the challenges are the generation gaps. “I’m a different breed than the new guys today,” said Peral. “When I started the trucking industry was totally different. If you were a new driver you did not expect to get the best of everything – you earned your way as you got more seniority.”

His advice for a long driving career is showing that little extra effort. “A good driver is one who understands that you can’t always get what you want to do, or get the perfect run,” explains Peral.

“Your attitude is what divides the okay drivers from the great drivers,” said Peral. “Drivers are ambassadors of the company. We see the customers everyday, and our behavior reflects back to the company.”

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