Best Podcasts to Listen to While Driving

Staying focused, alert and awake isn’t always the easiest thing to do while driving for long hours at a time. The restriction of being confined to the drivers seat, and sitting for extended periods of time, can get uninteresting and dull. Sleepiness occurs due to the increasing amount of boredom as a result. It’s only human nature to feel tired, but falling asleep behind the wheel is a massive danger and liability risk on the road. The podcast shows below are great alternatives to keep drivers sharp and attentive during their travels on the road.

Good Job, Brain!

The Good Job, Brain! podcast keeps the mind going from start to finish. This weekly quiz show will throw all kinds of questions at their listeners. The variety of segments and offbeat news topics the show offers is quite unconventional, but that’s what makes it so great! Flex your prowess of random knowledge or maybe learn a thing or two during your drive.

The Splendid Table

This podcast is for the foodies! The Splendid Table is the perfect show for those that can’t go a minute without thinking about food. Listen to Lynne Rossetto Kasper, an award winning food writer and cooking teacher, discuss the deeper meaning behind food. The Splendid Table jumps into the culture, science and history of food, and shies away from behind just an audio cookbook. Stay attentive and let the food drive you throughout your travels with this podcast.

Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center is a political podcast that discusses politics, policy and pop culture. This all in one talk podcast eliminates the boring monotone aspect that is commonly associated with most political shows. Left, Right & Center sits down with those on all sides of the political spectrum and brings life, personality and cordiality back to talking politics. Never fall asleep listening to the news again! Expand your insight on the country’s varying opinions, stay awake and pass the time with great conversation.

State Of The Re:Union

The State Of The Re:Union has a very unique setup compared to most other podcasts. This show focuses on exploring how different cities and towns in America create a community. State Of The Re:Union studies and discusses an area’s cultural nuances in relation to its history to show why and how the nation’s communities came to be. This podcast can give even more meaning behind the destination a trucker may be traveling to, rather than just another name of a city. The interesting stories the show tells make learning and listening more personable, relatable, and captivating, especially if you’re a driver traveling around the country.

30 For 30 Podcasts

ESPN’s 30 For 30 Podcasts provide unrivaled storytelling, regardless if you are a fan of sports or not. The podcast documentary series is created from the same team that produces the 30 For 30 series on ESPN’s television station; and the quality is no less from the visual. Audiences will enjoy the deeply emotional and breathtaking true stories from the sports world. The writing, production and entertainment value will captivate your attention, leaving you wanting to listen to story after story.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me is a great opportunity for a trucker to stay up to date on what the real news is. This weekly radio quiz show will test your knowledge on current events and keep you informed about what’s going on around the world. The show counters the typically mundane news platforms while maintaining a fun atmosphere with credible information to keep any listener attentive throughout their travels.

The Daily Boost

Did you ever need that extra push to get through the day? Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation to get us back in a positive groove. It’s the mindset that determines your work ethic and attitude, and the Daily Boost podcast is a great listen for anyone who needs a little reinforcement. This morning show can help reduce stress promote positivity, and maintain a sharp, healthy, mind for a truck driver on the road.

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