How an Environmentally Friendly Supply Chain is Valuable

The shift towards a “greener” society has been a worldwide movement for some time now. A business’ success is highly contingent on how well a supply chain functions, and making conscious efforts to “go green” can directly provide several distinct benefits in the long-run. The push for streamlining business operations to fit an eco-friendly model is proving to be an advantageous move for environmental sustainability as well as the corporation implementing the new system. Read on below to learn how and why an environmentally friendly supply chain is a valuable, dual-purpose, business practice to adopt.

Easily Upgrade with Inbound Regulations

As states and their legislators are setting up emission and other healthy environment oriented laws, companies in the industry must change their approach to how supply chain operates or choose the right 3PL provider to meet these requirements. Upgrading your equipment and the way you operate gradually before regulations are officially mandated. This way, you’ll be ahead of the game, prepared to comply with the laws, and promote a sustainable planet through your business.

Recycling Raw Materials

An eco-friendly supply chain will grant you the opportunity to easily recycle materials that aren’t of use any longer. Recycling whenever possible will cut down on pollution from landfills and any possible emissions that may result. You can help the environment at the source and play a direct role working towards long-term sustainability.

Proper Waste Management

A company is always going to have waste that needs to be dealt with, however the key is how well it’s handled. This is a large portion of the “go green” movement and it’s really quite simple. Take this scenario as an example: if you separate your trash and recyclable waste in your own home, do the same for your business. Authorizing the “green” light on eliminating non-recyclable waste and recycling your remaining product will help cut down environmental waste storage and giving your product the eligibility for reuse in the future.

Renewable Energy

Cutting out fossil fuel usage is a goal many supply chains and other 3PLs are working towards. Solar power, for example, is a great opportunity to slash energy costs, help the environment without fossil fuel reliance, and introduce many new eco-friendly related incentives for your company. Renewable energy is how a supply chain will rise against competition while abiding by the highly pursued lean logistics model.

Market the “Green”

A company who’s made conscious efforts to “go green” will more than likely – and should – share the news of their endeavors. This will help mold the perceived image of your company in a positive light. You’ll be encouraging, promoting, and leading by example to influence others in the industry to promote eco-friendliness. Marketing your adoption and daily implementation of “green” activity can domino effect into a larger amount of healthier business.

Partner with Green Suppliers

When other companies learn that you’re also making efforts to “go green,” there’s always the possibility of partnership. To make your product you’ll need supplies from a trusted supplier. Partnering with a “green” supplier creates a chain of trust throughout the industry, your supply chain, and all the way to the consumer. Your decision to implement “green” business activity or providing a “green” 3PL won’t go unnoticed.

Tax Reduction Incentives

Tax reductions are also a benefit of creating an eco-friendly supply chain model. With obvious exhaust and emission reductions, businesses can receive certifications reimbursements, and reductions for their efforts.

Cut Maintenance and Fuel Cost

This eco-friendly supply chain necessity is very straightforward, especially if you invest and trust in a 3PL service provider. With a provider, they’ll provide you their own “green” fleet so it won’t cost you any accessory fuel or maintenance cost. You’ll receive both the “green” business edge and reduced costs.

Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Management with National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail Systems, Inc. is a supply-chain focused 3PL provider that provides customized solutions to all business and retailers. We’re focused on accomplishing your logistics goals as an eco-friendly industry leader. Our commitment to your business endeavors and environmental awareness is imperative to our model. Please contact us at 201-330-1900 for more information about National Retail Systems, Inc. and our environmentally friendly lean logistics services.

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