Summer Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

truck driving in the summer sunsetIt’s time to say goodbye to hazardous truck driving in the winter with black ice and blizzards! Although conditions may be better on the road, driving in the summer can bring on new burdens. As a truck driver, you need to think about protecting yourself from the sun, staying hydrated, and checking the weather for sporadic changes in the summer. Follow our driving tips to stay safe on the road all summer long. 


Keep Your Sunglasses Close by

Being constantly on the road means more exposure to the sun. You may like the warm, summer rays while you’re driving, but too much can be quite damaging to your eyes! It’s important for you to have your sunglasses on standby at all times. UV rays from the sun can have damaging and irreversible effects, causing cataracts, blurred vision, or deterioration. Make sure you keep your sunglasses handy and place them in a spot in your truck you won’t forget for safe driving.


Keep Your Water Bottle Close by

As a truck driver, you always want to keep a water bottle close by in your truck during the summer months. Not drinking enough water can be dangerous and lead to dehydration. You don’t want to be dehydrated while you’re operating a large piece of machinery. It’s one of the primary reasons for sluggishness, dizziness, and drowsiness, making it very difficult for you to complete any task – especially driving a truck. Make it a habit to keep drinking water even when you’re not thirsty to keep yourself hydrated and healthy on the road. 


Keep Your Weather Report Close by

Summer weather can flip on a dime, especially in certain parts of the country! Tornados, hurricanes, and floods can all happen because of harsh weather in the summer, causing dangerous truck driving conditions. That’s why it’s always important to keep checking the weather while you’re en route. Depending on your destination can depend on the weather elements. Although there’s no control over mother nature, you can be prepared to change your course of action if the weather becomes harsh. 


Truck Driving in the Summer with National Retail Systems

Using some of these useful tips for driving in the summer can really make a difference! If you are interested in trucking rates and having a career as a truck driver, National Retail Systems invites you to join our dedicated fleet of drivers. We are the ultimate 3PL option, specializing in bringing lean logistics to businesses globally. We appreciate our truck drivers as those who keep our business moving, and our trucking division has made it possible for us to offer the best logistics services to from warehousing or container freight stations to businesses for over 65 years. Contact us today for more information about our current job postings or to learn more about the benefits of having a truck driving career. 

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