Store Deliveries in NYC During the Holidays — What are the Challenges?

During the holiday shopping season, we expect store shelves in New York City to be fully stocked with the latest gadgets and gizmos. But do we ever consider the challenges faced by trucking companies to make store deliveries through the maze of Manhattan’s crowded, narrow streets, adhering to the city’s traffic regulations, and under the threat of changing weather conditions as well as navigating around pedestrians and bicyclists?

NYC Store DeliveriesFrequently, drivers aren’t able to park their trucks close to stores and have to move freight considerable distances to make their delivery.

From early autumn until right before Christmas, NRS drivers are executing Store Deliveries across Manhattan for retailers. Maneuvering through bridge and tunnel traffic, road closures, construction sites, and accident delays, all in an effort to get their load delivered safely and on time.

NRS drivers start their store delivery shift at night or in the early morning usually from our North Bergen, NJ Trucking Terminal to avoid as much traffic as possible. Nationally, NRS drivers execute 250,000+ store deliveries per year; however, during the Holiday season, NRS can deliver 50 or more truckloads per night into Manhattan.

While trucks are equipped with GPS, NRS drivers must be fully cognizant of bridge and tunnel openings and closings, one-way streets, and shutdowns such as the newly designated area around Trump Tower. Commercial truck drivers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, not only to safely transport their cargo to its point of delivery, but to also keep motorists and pedestrians around them safe.

One of the most persistent challenges for NRS truck drivers is finding a convenient place to park and unload their freight amidst holiday traffic when storefront deliveries are most difficult. Some buildings lack loading docks; others may require custom-sized equipment or specialized services such as trucks with lift gates to maneuver freight into a building. Very few companies are equipped to service Store Deliveries in New York City.

Challenges Store Delivery New YorkNew York is unlike any other city in the U.S.; no two deliveries are the same.

During this peak season, truck drivers have no room for error. They must deliver their freight to the right place at the right time.

To compound these man-made challenges, NRS truck drivers have to worry about mother nature with winter weather conditions such as rain, ice and snow. Once the first snowflake is seen, traffic usually slows or comes to a complete halt. Icy roads are particularly treacherous for an 80,000-pound truck.

National Retail Systems, Inc. is grateful for all the truck drivers who work tirelessly around the holidays and all the other days of the year to keep the shelves stocked with soon to be gifts.

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