How You Should Be Cleaning Your Truck

During long haul trips, you’re practically living in your semi truck. Long hours of driving turn into days and weeks out on the road. During this time, OTR drivers will inevitably experience the need to clean out the cab’s interior. While you should always be taking initiative to clean your driving space, sometimes life distracts us from the little things that will improve our mood, morale and work ethic. Keeping a clean truck makes the driving experience much more enjoyable and it doesn’t take an excruciating amount of effort. Treat your truck like you would with your bedroom at home and take pride in where you work and live. To get you started on your vehicle’s spring-cleaning, here are some simple ways you can keep the interior of your truck clean and organized.

Clear Out Any Bulky Items

Grab a garbage bag and clear out any large pieces of trash left over from previous rides. Eliminating bulk garbage and their unpleasant smells sets you up for a much easier cleaning experience moving forward. This first step helps clear out space for you to maneuver around the cabin and reach every nook and cranny for a more in-depth cleanse.

Grab a Blower Nozzle or Compressed Air

An experienced truck driver with great habits will know all of the best tips and tricks that make life a lot easier. A blower nozzle or compressed air pump can be used in the tiny, dirt and grime accumulating seams of the cab. Blowing air into the areas of your seat, door, dashboard or floor will kick up any dirt, rocks or leaves that have made a home in your truck.

Shake Out the Floor Mats

After blowing dirt and other unwanted particles into the air, the next step includes shaking out the floor mats. Dragging the mats outside will shake off any outstanding “stuff” that you don’t want inside the truck. Try washing them down with soap and water to get an even better clean.

Vacuum and Sweep Out the Left Overs

There will inevitably be a lot of left over dirt even after you take out the mats. To get rid of the left over dirt, sweep out as much as you can and vacuum up the rest. Sometimes all it takes is a simple solution, and you’ll never fail with these two classic cleaning tactics.

Wipe Down Everything

Now it’s time to wipe down everything. A great start is to have wet wipes handy so you can get rid of any bacteria that may still be lurking in the cab. Interior cleaner and protector products are also a great choice because they efficiently cleanse any surface with no grease or stickiness left over. Be sure to wipe down both sides of the windows and check the interior leather for stains or anything in need of some cleaning treatment.

Get a Milk Crate for Easy Storage

Lack of organization is often the biggest red flag of untidiness. It’s true that the truck’s cab already has very limited space, but with the more clutter the worse it gets. To accommodate the lack of free room, grab a milk crate to efficiently store your belongings. Now everything in the truck has a home that’s easily accessible when you need it.

Shoes for Every Purpose

A top offender of a messy truck interior is wearing dirty shoes. Avoiding this is simple and all you’ll need is another pair, or two, of shoes. While you’re driving, you’ll have to get outside at one point or another. Whatever the reason may be, your boots will get filled with mud, dirt and other unwanted materials from the outdoors. Designate work boots, driving shoes and hangout shoes and use them for their intended purpose to keep your truck clean.

Truck Driving Jobs Near You

Maintaining good truck cleaning habits should always be on a driver’s list of priorities. You can’t get your semi truck detailed on a whim, so you’ll have to take initiative and care for your vehicle. Remember that as a driver you’re an ambassador of the company you work for as you travel across the country. Sometimes a simple interior cleaning is all you need, as you’ll impress your clients and save a lot time and money cleaning the cab on your own. The condition of your vehicle will be a direct reflection of you as well as your organization – and National Retail Systems, Inc. considers this of crucial importance for our dedicated fleet of drivers.

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