NRS provides $1 million cargo insurance, dedicated security teams, GPS tractor and trailer tracking, FreightWatch in-load GPS tracking for high value items, bonded facilities, CCTV, and C-TPAT compliant facilities.

3PL Security

NRS utilizes FreightWatch in-load GPS tracking for high value freight. Freight is covered by $1 million in cargo insurance.

Keystone Trucking Store Delivery

As a certified TAPA member, NRS fights cargo crime with a worldwide coalition of shippers, manufacturers, carriers, insurers, service providers, and government agencies.

NRS NJ Logistics Warehouses

As a CargoNet member, NRS deters theft and increases recovery rates through information sharing among theft victims, industry partners, law enforcement, and the NICB.

3PL security gate

NRS has one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry at less than one-half of one percent.

California Logistics Warehouse from the Air

NRS’ C-TPAT compliant 3PL facilities meet the highest anti-terrorism standards.

Savannah Logistics Warehouse