Store Delivery

An ongoing objective of many retailers is taking measures to improve their delivery model. Partnering with National Retail Systems, Inc. as your transportation provider can get your product to consumers much faster than that of traditional methods. National Retail Systems, Inc. has a dedicated fleet that has grown to over thousands of tractors and trailers to centralize and reduce cost of store delivery.


Store Delivery with a Trusted 3PL Provider

National Retail Systems, Inc. will create a customized road map in your distribution supply chain to lower cost and increase product speed to market. Our consolidation, deconsolidation and DC Bypass services will facilitate advantageous transportation, taking less stress off of our customers. We’re constantly improving our service, and will customize a solution to your exact need. Our hubs are conveniently located and have access to major U.S highways for efficient travel throughout the country. National Retail Systems, Inc. ensures that all freight is in trustworthy and reliable hands.


GPS Tracking

Tracking is much easier and more reliable with one provider, this way we can keep our customers aware of the whereabouts of their product. Tracking opportunities are provided through our unique i-Track technology. Our team of in-house programmers can fashion your i-Track dashboard to your specific requirements. Customers can login to track their shipments in real-time and request reports on a day-by-day, weekly or monthly basis.


Reduce Overhead Costs

National Retail Systems, Inc. can reduce overhead costs for all customers through our focus on lean-logistics. Your fulfillment process will be automated while limiting your overhead. Our privately owned company can provide transportation, freight, and distribution management with our own warehousing, shipping and receiving locations. There wont’ be a need to hire staff or lease space to handle shipments. Partnering with National Retail Systems, Inc. as your 3PL provider will ensure products make it to market as fast as possible without increasing cost.


Receiving Overseas Product

If a product is coming from overseas, National Retail Systems, Inc. can expedite time to delivery and lower your shipping costs. We’ll create a more direct approach when your freight comes into port. Port drivers within our NRT drayage division will receive product and begin the delivery process. Product will be picked up on location and transported to our DC for cross-docking consolidation, later to be sent out for immediate store delivery.


Store Delivery with National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail System, Inc.’s first store delivery was made in 1952 with a single box truck. Now, 65 years later, we’re capable of making up to 50 store deliveries per store, per night in New York City for a major retailer. Trust National Retail Systems, Inc. for dependable 3PL service. Contact us to learn how we can simplify your logistics or take a look at our news and services for more information.