Drayage Trucking Across the US

With roughly 90 percent of the world’s goods being transported by sea it vital to have a reliable 3PL handling your drayage demands. Oversight and coordination assistance from National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS) will ensure you receive quality drayage services and opportunity. Our draying expertise allow us to effectively coordinate and advise with our clients, including over 70,000 containers in 2017 alone.


Drayage Chassis Solutions and Green Practices

NRS has dedicated drayage chassis solutions readily available and is leading the way in readily evolving the way drayage is currently performed. National Retail Systems, Inc. is pioneering electric zero-emission drayage trucks to cut down on environmental harm. We believe it’s important to recognize the negative properties emissions release into the atmosphere and their effects on all of us. Therefore, NRS is taking the initiative to not only provide unrivaled third-party logistics service but also make a conscious effort to make a difference in the world we live in.


When Should You Consider Drayage Services

Consulting a dependable third-party logistics provider, like NRS, is the first step towards efficiently completing your supply chain requirements from start to finish. Ineffective drayage practices delay product arrival time, ultimately accruing high demurrage cost and reducing speed-to-market. Delays at the port is one of the reasons why NRS has purchased its own chassis in Long Beach California. When small components come together with the rest of the supply chain process, the effect is felt throughout all business operations.


Types of Drayage Classifications

The following are various types of drayage classifications:

  • Inter-Carrier
  • Expedited
  • Intra-Carrier
  • Door-to-Door
  • Shuttle
  • Pier


Drayage with National Retail Systems

National Retail Systems, Inc. free-flow drayage programs help accelerate the speed of getting your containers out of the ports with haste and precision. Our drayage services operate within the major ports throughout the United States; including New York and New Jersey, Los Angeles, CA, and Savannah, GA.

Contact NRS today for more information on the highest quality third party logistics, unrivaled capacity to handle your containers, and cutting-edge drayage services.