Distribution from a 3PL provider is essential for retailers as business demands shift. The market is always changing and reducing cost while increasing productivity is a primary goal. You’ll want to keep up with inventory fluctuations and market expansion when your business grows by streamlining distribution. Longevity and experience are two important traits when searching for a 3PL provider and National Retail Systems, Inc. is the perfect match. We’re equipped to accomplish your national distribution demands with the longevity, experience and reliability you’re looking for.


Distribution Services at National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail Systems, Inc. is a privately owned company that offers end-to-end distribution services. Our experience in 3PL supply chain management provides lean logistics opportunities and customized solutions for customers in need of reliable assistance. The following list details the distribution services extended to retailers and businesses by National Retail Systems, Inc.

  • Pick and Pack
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Shipping Centers
  • Processing
  • Labeling & Ticketing
  • Warehousing
  • Kitting
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Management


Reliable 3PL Distribution

National Retail Systems, Inc. is committed to streamlining and maintaining your logistics demands. Our customized solutions allow us to implement all available resources to cut unnecessary spending and improve distribution methods. National Retail Systems, Inc. has successfully handled over 4 billion pounds in 2017 with warehousing and storage services near the major US ports. Our DC’s and the NRC warehousing division allows us to effectively execute consolidation, deconsolidation, and DC Bypass services while providing ecommerce order fulfillment with FedEx and UPS integration. Our services revolve around the economical benefits to help your business succeed.


Product Protection & Transportation

National Retail Systems, Inc. also provides customers with all-inclusive product protection and transportation. Our in-house programming team has developed a highly customizable tracking dashboard to keep tabs on your freight. Customers can login at any time to track freight with real-time data. Reports can be created on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to assure full transparency and freight protection. National Retail Systems, Inc. also allows customers to grow their assets and build trust with our carriers. Our World Logistics brokerage branch can transport goods out of our network with assurance that NRS has their eye on all shipments.


Distribution with National Retail Systems, Inc.

Gain a competitive edge with National Retail Systems, Inc. We’ll be happy to simplify your supply chain needs. Our flexible distribution management services will guarantee your freight gets all the way from origin to the store. With accessibility and transportation near major U.S. ports, National Retail System, Inc. makes logistics easy. Contact us for more news and information about our dependable 3PL services.