Dedicated Fleet

Trucking is the backbone of National Retail Systems, Inc. The successful execution of transportation and logistics has been in the forefront of our privately owned company for over 65 years. With over 50 million miles logged in just 2016, transportation is second nature to us. Our very own trucking divisions serve as the true working force behind making flexible lean-logistics possible for our customers.

There are many benefits of utilizing a dedicated fleet operation. A dedicated fleet is a team of drivers that will only service the need of one customer. This team will become familiar with this customer’s routes, delivery times, and overall needs. When the busy season hits these drivers are still at the customer’s beck and call. There will be no service issues due to lack of manpower during peak shipment operations.


National Retail Systems, Inc. Divisions & Drivers

National Retail Systems, Inc. is sub-divided into two fleets; Keystone Freight Corp. and National Retail Transportation, Inc. The following is a list of the types of drivers employed at National Retail Systems, Inc. and our respective branches found below:

  • Yard Jockeys / Yard Switchers
  • Port Drivers
  • Local / City Drivers
  • Regional Drivers
  • Over-the-Road Drivers


Keystone Freight Corp.

The Keystone Freight Corp. line haul division consists of drivers who navigate the roads on a regional basis. Keystone Freight Corp. employs single and team drivers to accommodate any need regionally or over-the-road from coast-to-coast.


National Retail Transportation, Inc.

National Retail Transportation, Inc. (NRT) is our local and pier division. This division primarily handles store deliveries and drayage. Many of our NRT drivers do have TWIC, doubles or hazmat endorsements.


GPS Tracking

All National Retail System, Inc. fleets are equipped with GPS tracking and real-time instant messaging to ensure safety and on-time performance through our Rand McNally system.



National Retail Systems, Inc. exclusively provides i-Track services to customers as well. This form of GPS tracking is a customizable dashboard where customers can login to track their shipments. Our in-house program team can personalize the dashboard in any way a customer is most comfortable with. The data received is in real-time and updates can be set to report at any incremental time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


A Dedicated Fleet at National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail Systems, Inc. has provided dedicated fleet services for over 65 years. Out team’s approach helps introduce, develop and expand working relationships throughout the enterprise. Our family owned company delivers reliable and customized solutions to accomplish all business goals and operational needs. Simplify your logistics today with the ultimate 3PL provider. Contact National Retail Systems, Inc. to join our fleet or learn more about us from our news and lean-logistics focused service.