Deconsolidation is a third-party logistics service that provides cost savings and increased speed for market retailers. This process consists of breaking down a single inbound shipment into multiple manageable pieces to distribute them to a retailer on an outbound vehicle. Deconsolidation allows for facilities to easily send freight to multiple locations at minimal cost. Logistics professionals utilize this service as a means of optimizing their distributions tactics.

Deconsolidation is essentially the reverse action of consolidation but shares the same end goals of effectiveness, cost-efficiency and productivity. National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS) is dedicated to providing top-tier consolidation/deconsolidation/ logistics services to our customers. We will assist in overseeing your shipments from the point of arrival to their final destination and assure they’re on the safest and most direct path.


When Should You Consider Deconsolidation Services

The action of deconsolidation contains many useful traits that can assist both the shipper and recipient. Deconsolidation allows for easy off-loading of imports when an inbound truck arrives at a facility, further allowing for quicker redistribution. Our automated conveyor belt system seamlessly sorts and segments packages from the inbound trailer and into our outbound trailers. NRS also provides value-added services such as: label creation, carton labeling, scanning, quality inspection, and special project work once deconsolidation is completed. The following are examples of other immediate benefits of deconsolidation.


Faster Speed-to-Market

Deconsolidation assists retailers and manufacturers to reduce inventory and facility costs. This allows them to keep up with customer demand and speed the arrival of time-sensitive products to hit store shelves or in the hands of a customer.


Reduced Transportation Costs

Deconsolidation, along with consolidation, not only reduces warehouse storage cost, but transportation as well. This effective logistics service can reduce deliveries to a retailer by as much as 50 percent.


Better Inventory Management

Deconsolidation allows for shippers to easily manage or remove the need for excess stock, consequently saving re-handling time, and minimizing points of distribution by abiding by a just-in-time basis.


Additional NRS Deconsolidation Services

The following are accessory services provided by National Retail Systems, Inc. to ensure top quality handling:

  • Bar Code Labeling
  • EDI Messaging
  • Delivery Routing Compliance
  • Ship Window Management


Deconsolidation with National Retail Systems

National Retail Systems, Inc. has been providing deconsolidation, consolidation and cross-dock services for the world’s leading retailers for over sixty-five years. NRS import hub locations are conveniently placed near the major US ports for advantageous shipping possibilities. Our team will work to create a cost-efficient distribution plan that successfully meets your needs.

Contact National Retail Systems, Inc. for the highest satisfactory service and to coordinate your deconsolidation today.