DC Bypass

National Retail Systems, Inc. wants to help retailers remove steps in their supply chain to reduce cost and increase product speed to market. DC Bypass will allow you to efficiently trim, coordinate, allocate and forecast all elements of your supply chain. National Retail Systems, Inc. will collaboratively assist you in analyzing and optimizing options to improve your business procedures.


Why Should You Consider DC Bypass in Your Logistics Plan

DC Bypass allows for shipments to avoid distribution centers altogether. Inventory stays in continuous motion, which results in faster fulfillment. National Retail Systems, Inc. as a 3PL provider can reduce multiple handoffs by skipping DC’s and the costs affiliated with their use. DC Bypass allows shipments to be assigned for their final destination and clear customs in bulk. Freight can be deconsolidated at any port and shipped directly to stores for consumer consumption. This strategy is especially useful for freight that is difficult to manage, as bulky and fragile materials are generally hard to transport.

DC Bypass not only allows the product to get shipped in any quantity straight to retailers, but also frees up space in DC’s while cutting associated costs. National Retail Systems, Inc. provides all customers with customized solutions specific to their business goals. We will work closely with you to ensure a transparent flow of timely and accurate supply chain information.


Benefits of DC Bypass

DC Bypass offers retailers previously unforeseen opportunities. Capitalizing on this logistics tactic can provide you with many perks to help improve your supply chain strategy. The following are some of the benefits attainable while utilizing DC Bypass with National Retail Systems, Inc.

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Accurate Fulfillment Process
  • Simplified Logistics Management
  • Elimination of Extra Handling Costs (Labor & Transportation)
  • Improved Inventory Returns & Management
  • Reduced Market Fluctuations (Seasonal Fluctuations)
  • Elimination of Errors (Lost Product & Damage)


DC Bypass with National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail Systems, Inc. has the discipline and means to accomplish successful DC Bypass services. This strategy perfectly embodies lean-logistics – our main client focus. National Retail Systems, Inc. provides DC Bypass services to offer our customers a high-value return. We can help you get your product in customer hands faster and cheaper than any other 3PL provider. To learn more about our 3PL services, contact us with any questions or view our news for more information. Simplify your logistics and increase success with National Retail Systems, Inc.