The heart and soul of a successful business is a well-designed supply chain. The efficiency of product fulfillment throughout the shipping process is what drives revenue and increases your bottom line. Speed-to-market is a major area of focus for many shippers. In order to do this, you’ll need to examine all possible routes of travel and determine the questions of Who? Where? and How? your freight will flow through the supply chain. Just like real estate, the answers lie in the truthfully timeless phrase of, “location, location, location” – except this time it’s in a partnership with a third party logistics provider. A reliable 3PL encompasses the goals of a shipper’s supply chain by consolidating ones separate efforts into one centralized entity under one management plan. Learn how exploring supply chain oversight from a well-located 3PL can reduce overhead costs and lay the groundwork for a successful business below.


Access to Major Highways

When searching for a 3PL service that best suits your needs, consider their access to the major highways in the United States. It may seem like an obvious requirement but the easier it is to navigate the roads, the quicker your product will reach its final destination. When entrance and exit access to and from warehouse hubs provide no obstacles, a 3PL’s dedicated fleet of drivers can get their job done at the highest level of efficiency. Being close to highway systems and having quick ramp access provides the ease of transportation your product needs during necessary on-road travel.

Proximity to Major Ports

Goods are often transported by sea and someone needs to be there to pick up and continue the process. A 3PL in close proximity to major ports increases the accessibility for a drayage trucking fleet to reach and transfer product to the next part of its journey. This allows a shipper to receive their overseas cargo by sea rather than air at a cheaper price without suffering from a drop in timely service.

Global Reach


The prime placement of 3PL hub locations allows a shipper to experience growth with the provider. 3PL facilities not only understand the local nuances within their area of the country, but also let the partnered business expand their reach in markets they may have not been able to previously touch. Product has to be close to their customers. No matter how you define this requirement, fulfillment needs to be completed in order to satisfy customer demand. With masterful tactics for inbound and outbound logistics, providers utilize the seamless integration of their 3PL warehousing systems to exemplify timely service, ease of travel and market reach. Your logistics plan almost always will have expansion written into the fine print – and there’s no better way to accomplish that than with a 3PL provider.

3PL Service with National Retail Systems, Inc.

As you can see, location is key and holds many distinctive benefits. With hub locations near the nation’s largest cities and busiest ports, National Retail Systems, Inc. can surpass supply chain expectations with the ultimate 3PL service. As a leader in nationwide transportation, we can handle any piece of the supply chain. Don’t look at your 3PL service with National Retail Systems, Inc. as just another outsourced expenditure – see it as a one-on-one partnership. Our 65 years of experience have allowed us to create a lean logistics model that can be customized to fit any partner’s shipping requirements. As a privately owned corporation, we know what it takes to execute quick service for the most efficient supply chain fulfillment. If you’d like to learn more about National Retail Systems, Inc. and our innovative logistics strategy, please contact us today with any inquires.

The Ultimate 3PL

National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS) includes Keystone Freight Corp. & National Retail Transportation, Inc. (NRT). NRS is an asset based 3PL that has been providing logistics services for the World’s leading retail companies for 60+ years. Our hub locations include: New York & New Jersey; Los Angeles, CA; Inland Empire, CA; Savannah, GA; Columbus, OH; Greensboro, NC; and Baltimore, MD.