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Business is dynamic – there’s no way around it. Retail enterprises of all types must keep a watchful eye on their respective markets in order to redevelop a strategy that leverages growth. When the time for change comes, being prepared is the best solution to keeping your business in good operational and economic standing.

The Current State of Retail

The retail world is functioning in an interesting environment in recent times. With corporate and retail behemoth Toys “R” Us closing, businesses have become increasingly cautious of their operations to ensure they do not experience a similar fate. Just when technology resources may have been a standalone answer to propelling the business of retail suppliers, this single solution is now a thing of the past – however not scrapped entirely. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of useful technology, retailers have added supreme focus to their store experiences. Since it’s through these locations where consumers interact directly with a company’s brand and its products, this area of concern is paramount.

What cannot be forgotten, however, is successfully fulfilling supply and demand. Retailers must realize that their distribution strategy is pivotal in keeping consumers satisfied. Trusting in the comprehensive oversight and lean logistics of a 3PL will deliver the results a retail company needs to flourish. Below are some of the modern capabilities a 3PL service must have that will shape the future of supply chain management and retail altogether.

Which 3PL Capabilities Are Most Important Today?

With retailers actively rethinking strategy, the future of retail sits in the hands of third-party logistics. Now initially it may sound strange that a 3PL can deliver the solutions retailers are looking for, but in truth, they provide so much more than fast store delivery and reliable delivery teams. Cost savings are inherently important, but it’s the additional perks of 3PL services that expedite the incorporation of retail business-friendly tactics today rather than months down the line.


Partnering with a third party logistics provider rewards retailers with the experience of future retail solutions in present time. One of the most influential capabilities of a 3PL is the flexibility to scale operations. Instead of having to utilize numerous chains to implement, oversee, and rely on, 3PLs address this problem by consolidating responsibility into one. Depending on multiple services makes it difficult to thoroughly maintain the entire operation and forecast the supply chain. Having the opportunity to explore the use of omni-channel fulfillment operations under the supervision of one branch is the answer retailers need to survive and thrive.

Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

This level of flexibility also allows a 3PL to provide customized solutions for each and every client. The benefit is due in part of an expert supply chain management team overseeing the logistics plan from conception to final store delivery. With this in mind, predictive analytics (the analyzing of current data to make future predictions) will be very important moving forward. While this does incorporate the use of innovative technologies, this is going to become widely available as time progresses. The difference here is that a 3PL will deliver that very same service in a streamlined manner. Supply chain management through a 3PL will be responsible for conducting the analysis on the big data and making sense/use of resulting statistics to fix or answer specific issues, questions or predictions. 3PLs will look into the patterns and trends to apply them towards optimizing the supply chain – eliminating discrepancies. Leveraging this data and pairing it with superior transportation offers retailers extensive operational and financial benefits moving into the future.

Explore Scalable Lean Logistics for Your Supply Chain

No matter the industry, business will experience inevitable changes as time progresses and new ideas are born. Part of the sustainable growth process is finding the proper medium between cost efficiency, streamlined operations, and the adoption of contemporary supply chain strategies. National Retail Systems, Inc. understands the importance of embracing these dynamic changes. As a leading logistics provider with reliable 3PL solutions for domestic transportation and retail fulfillment, we pride ourselves on eliminating uncertainty. National Retail Systems, Inc. invests in a progressive model of lean logistics to ensure long-term stability and financial prosperity for our clients. To learn more about our 3PL company, please contact us today to discover your customized retail solution plan.

The Ultimate 3PL

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