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A common issue all manufacturers deal with on a daily basis is freight cost. Consolidation is a logistics technique that significantly reduces freight expenditures by capitalizing on the available vehicle and eliminating wasted space, as well as, other inefficiencies that may occur while transporting goods. Cargo is consolidated into one truck to make scheduled stops on the route, in which smaller shipments will be transferred into full truckloads before delivery. This process ensures that each shipment will get to its destination in the shortest amount of time, which ultimately reduces cost. Third-party logistics at National Retail Systems, Inc. is dedicated to upholding efficient service to our customers. At National Retail Systems, Inc., we carefully select the best delivery path, as well as, working with additional trusted shippers to guarantee that all our customer’s products and goods successfully arrive at the intended destination as quick as possible. Each year, our exceptional fleet transports are immensely reliable and transport freight with tremendous care and on time, every time. That’s our pledge to you, your supplies, and your company. Regardless of your business aspirations, we will match and excel in your company’s needs and provide the highest level of service with each transport.  We are experts in crafting a tailored logistics guide to make sure your goals are carried out efficiently and effectively.

When Should You Consider Consolidation Freight Services

Consolidation addresses a handful of outstanding factors that directly affect shippers and aims to reduce freight spend. The following are examples of scenarios that consolidation concentrates on to improve productivity and increase capital.

  • Unused Space in Shipping Containers
  • Driver Shortage
  • Fuel Charges
  • Environmental Emission Regulations


National Retail Systems also offers cross-docking logistics procedures for our customers. Cross-docking is the process of unloading cargo and directly loading it onto an outbound truck. The costs of storage and labor are significantly reduced due to the little warehouse time involved. A third-party logistics provider is needed for accurate timing to make sure trucks are being fully loaded for cross-docking to be a beneficial strategic tool. National Retail Systems, Inc. will oversee the journey of your freight from start to finish, ensuring that the most cost-effective route is utilized. Products and goods are unloaded, sorted and screened through a National Retail Systems, Inc. distribution center and are sent straight to their retail destination. This integrated system provides an efficient and practical means for conducting consolidation and deconsolidation procedures for both incoming and outgoing vehicles. Cross-docking ensures efficient speed and productivity to gain a competitive edge against the competition. National Retail Systems, Inc. also offers an i-Track service for accurate shipment tracking. This customizable dashboard presents date in real-time and reports can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our in house programming team builds and monitors each dashboard to satisfy specific customer needs.

Consolidating with National Retail Systems, Inc.

National Retail Systems has been providing consolidation and cross-dock services including LTL vendor pickups for the world’s leading retailers for over sixty years. Significantly reduce your freights shipping costs and ensure your shipments arrive in the shortest amount of time with National Retail Systems, Inc. National Retail Systems, Inc. fleet of over 7,000 tractor and trailers can handle all of your domestic and import vendor pickups. With over 2 billion pounds consolidated annually, no project is too big or too complex. Contact National Retail Systems today for flawless distribution. The 3-PL at National Retail Systems, Inc. will assist you in an efficient consolidation of your shipments, assuring reduced costs, and product successfully making its way into full truckloads. No location is out of reach; our convenient hubs are located across several different major locations throughout the United States:

  • New York & New Jersey
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Inland Empire, CA
  • Savannah, GA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Baltimore MD

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The Ultimate 3PL

National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS) includes Keystone Freight Corp. & National Retail Transportation, Inc. (NRT). NRS is an asset based 3PL that has been providing logistics services for the World’s leading retail companies for 60+ years. Our hub locations include: New York & New Jersey; Los Angeles, CA; Inland Empire, CA; Savannah, GA; Columbus, OH; Greensboro, NC; and Baltimore, MD.