Day Driving vs. Night Driving

Every driver has their own unique tactic that work best for them while they’re out on the road. Whether it’s a special diet, exercise routine or podcast that keeps them going and fully energized, drivers have his or her very own trucking secrets. A question that is commonly debated is, “What’s best option for truckers: day or night driving?” Opinions will of course vary depending on personal preference and experience, but both times of day have their own pros and cons. Below highlights the major perks and disadvantages between day and night driving so you can decide how to approach your driving technique.

What Influences the Decision?

First, it’s important to note that not every driver will always have a choice on when they’ll be required to drive. Often times the driving schedule revolves around various business needs such as pickup times, scheduled delivery dates and other demands from a retailer, manufacturer or logistics provider. Truckers do have preferences on when they’d prefer to drive, but for arguments sake let’s say you have free range of how you’d like to log your driving hours. The talking points below further define how day and night driving will be compared to one another.

  • Parking Opportunities
  • Traffic
  • Staying Energized & Awake
  • Potential Distractions & Obstacles

Driving During the Day


Finding a place to park during the day is never a difficult feat to accomplish, or find, for a driver. Designated truck areas in rest stops tend to be open and have enough room for you to comfortably park if you need a break during your travels. The caveat however is that these areas will begin to lose vacancy fairly quickly as evening comes to an end. Plan ahead and time your rest for the night after a long day of driving to avoid desperation for parking.


Arguably one of the worst parts of daytime driving is the possibility of hitting traffic. It’s a frustrating experience if you get caught up in morning and afternoon rush hours, but a driver must keep their cool and avoid road rage until traffic frees up.

Energy and Alertness

A huge perk of driving during the day is that the human body tends to be most alert and awake during daytime hours. Yes, we all get sleepy sometimes come pretty much any time after noon, but a good cup of coffee and healthy foods will do the trick to keep you energized. Driving during the daytime also allows the driver to make no significant changes to their sleeping schedule.

Distractions and Obstacles

The day can provide some undesirable distractions and obstacles while on the road. Visibility is clearer than it’ll ever be on a nice day, but a truck driver must be careful of losing focus on the road and paying too much attention to the landscape around them. Drivers must also be aware of the large quantity of drivers, construction zones, infrastructure damage and pretty much anything that operates during the day.

Driving at Night Time


Parking becomes a little more difficult at night. Truck stops can be busy and tend to fill up near the end of the day so drivers can rest for the night. If a “night-owl” trucker needs to take a break during their twilight drive, it may be best to plan accordingly. Try to accurately schedule your travel so you can park and rest in the customer’s lot.


By far the largest benefit of nighttime driving is the lack of other drivers on the road. There’s no need to worry about severe traffic or anything of the sorts, but make sure to stay within the speed limit – no drivers doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. The few drivers you’ll see navigating the roads with you, if any, shouldn’t pose as an issue whatsoever.

Energy and Alertness

If you haven’t gotten accustomed to a new sleep schedule since you’re trucking through the night, nighttime driving isn’t always the best option in this case. There are many ways to stay awake but dozing off in the dark can be very dangerous.

Distractions and Obstacles

Driving during the night has a lot less obstacles and distractions due to the lack of visibility on the road, but it’s this lowered sense of your surroundings that is the only minor hang-up. Maintain your headlights are in working order, stay awake and keep an eye out for deer crossing the road and you’ll get to your destination with no struggle at all.

The Conclusion

Unfortunately, this conclusion won’t provide one single answer. Simply put, the best time to drive solely lies on how you personally analyze the points described above. Saying that there’s no specific answer probably isn’t the super climactic, defining answer you’re looking for, however it will hopefully inspire you as a driver to weigh your options. If you have the flexibility to choose between day and night driving, you must remember to take the required rest time between extended driving periods. Drivers should never take on more than they can handle and getting enough rest is critical for all truck drivers to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road around them.

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