The Benefits of a Technologically-Sound 3PL Provider


3pl technologyAdvances made in 3PL technology have provided an unrivaled competitive edge to providers operating within the industry. By utilizing and adopting these progressive advancements, 3PL providers can support a shipper’s freight transportation operations with a more refined service. These benefits have the capability to increase ROI and build upon the existing scope of business, while also offering an improved approach to comprehensive supply chain management. Read the following to learn about the benefits of partnering with a technologically sound 3PL provider and what the high-tech logistics service can provide for a business.

Comprehensive Logistics Transparency & Visibility

One of the most important aspects of 3PL business lies in the hands of transparency and freight visibility. To further promote this condition, 3PL software has made it even easier for shippers to know exactly where their product is, at all times. Shippers deserve the ability to track their freight. Contemporary tracking technology has made this information even easier for customers to access. A useful 3PL tool now used is referred to as the i-Track system. This highly personalized shipment tracker allows a company to view their product’s travel in real-time. This technology helps form a healthy relationship from provider to the client by offering full-transparency of workflow and security of product.

Reporting Automation & Error Reduction

As part of the tracking systems available to clients, 3PLs may also provide an in-house programming team to tailor a unique dashboard to display a client’s individual information requirements. A dashboard may include information such as ETA estimates and reporting automation. These reports can be requested and processed very quickly at any designated interval of time. This computerized version of reporting minimizes human error and accidental poor computation while providing highly accurate results.

Ease of Communication & Processing Information

Forming a partnership with a technologically sound 3PL permits operations to get underway almost immediately. Onboarding clients and obtaining the information through processing tools allow shippers to begin business to meet rapidly changing market demand. Inputting data into safe and efficient automation systems assures the info is never lost and is communicated correctly. Providers investing in 3PL technology with adaptable structures show pledges to flexibility and swift execution.

Experience 3PL Environmental Sustainability

As tech improves, developers are simultaneously coming up with new solutions to encourage 3PL environmental sustainability. Logistics providers are embracing these opportunities ever more so to bring a multi-part benefit to life. Renowned and respected by all parties, the commitment to green initiatives can be accomplished through technology in a few different forms. These technological improvements don’t necessarily come in the digital form but no less important when compared against one another. Sustainability-focused tech includes everything from low wattage lighting, through renewable energy – and most notably – zero-emission vehicles. 3PL drayage services now have the ability to feature trucks that run on electricity to further cut down on pollution at freight junctions. Businesses should be attracted to eco-friendly 3PL efforts due to the positive marketing recognition for helping the planet. Thanks to modern technology, our advancements can progress the Earth’s health.

3PL Logistics with National Retail Systems, Inc.

When searching for a trusted 3PL service provider to ship your product, you’ll want to take into consideration their use of technology. Choosing a service that’s proficient in the most up-to-date automation, communication and overall operations will provide a business with real measurable benefits. Partnering with National Retail Systems, Inc. offers comprehensive oversight of freight transportation with a client focused vision with a deep incorporation of technology included. Your logistics goals are embraced as our own as we strive to administer customized solutions for any sized company. We encourage you to contact us with any inquiries and explore the third-party shipping services available with us. Together, let our 65 years of supply chain experience show you why National Retail Systems, Inc. is the ultimate 3PL option.

The Ultimate 3PL

National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS) includes Keystone Freight Corp. & National Retail Transportation, Inc. (NRT). NRS is an asset based 3PL that has been providing logistics services for the World’s leading retail companies for 60+ years. Our hub locations include: New York & New Jersey; Los Angeles, CA; Inland Empire, CA; Savannah, GA; Columbus, OH; Greensboro, NC; and Baltimore, MD.