Benefits of DC Bypass

Throughout the retail supply chain, it is typical for a manufacturer to transport goods directly to a retailer’s domestic distribution centers (DCs), where your products are stored until being shipped to individual store locations. Businesses that use DC Bypass have an advantage- they partake in the procedure of loading products at the beginning point, allocate shipments by their final location, clear customs in bulk, deconsolidate at ports, and ship directly to retail outlets or customers. This process has a positive impact on inventory because it stays in constant motion by permitting your shipment to be proficient, coordinated, and allocated, and taking all elements of your supply chain into account. DC Bypass is extremely beneficial for freights that are difficult to control and manage, including bulky and fragile materials that are usually hard to transport. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of DC Bypass and determine if it is right for your business.

Cost Savings

Saving money and costs is the biggest advantage DC Bypass can offer to your business. When DC Bypass is utilized, there are less “touch” points and less handling shipments, which means fewer damages throughout the transportation process. There is major potential for reductions in transportation, inventory-carrying, and material handling costs. DC Bypass can provide cost savings in an array of ways – such as freight transportation costs, handling and processing fees, carrying costs, reduction in damage and theft, and elimination of physical assets.

Time Savings

Implementing DC Bypass is a great competitive advantage because it saves your business a measurable amount of time in the overall supply chain. DC Bypass saves time by hurrying up the fulfillment procedure because it eliminates the need to receive and organize products at the distribution center. DC Bypass can decrease the total process time by as much as 7 to 14 days, depending on the supply chain, which means that your goods are in stores one to two weeks before your competitors’ products. This leads to greater customer loyalty and confidence in your business. The inventory cost saved throughout the process can also allow for quicker transportation options to refine inventory management, simplify logistics management, and speed order to cash.


The motive of DC Bypass is to make the supply chain run more smoothly by removing a distribution center stop. Many businesses are able to decrease their distribution cycles by thousands of miles by applying a DC Bypass process, which means that this process is more eco-friendly than traditional distribution options.

Reliable Method

DC Bypass is a distribution service that is a very reliable method to transport your products to all destinations. DC Bypass removes the “touch” of the product, which ultimately results in decreasing distribution processing costs and product damages. It is a fact that DC Bypass removes issues in the transportation process such as lost products, rerouting mistakes, or theft of your product. Since DC’s are running more proficiently with lower cost overruns, the employees receiving the goods can plan for the exact day and time the seasonal product is arriving. This allows them to staff accordingly and be ready when customers arrive to purchase your products.

DC Bypass Services from NRS

National Retail Systems, Inc. has the discipline and means to accomplish successful DC Bypass services. This strategy perfectly embodies lean-logistics – our main client focus. National Retail Systems, Inc. provides DC Bypass services to offer our customers a high-value return, and we can help you get your product in customer hands quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our 3PL services, please contact us today! We can’t wait to help your business simplify your logistics and increase success.

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