The Ultimate 3PL Provider

National Retail Systems, Inc. is an asset-based 3PL provider founded in 1952. We’re a privately held 4th generation family company headquartered in North Bergen, New Jersey providing customized solutions to businesses and retailers around the country. We focus on crafting a personalized logistics plan so we can implement and execute all available resources to reach your goals.

Customized Solutions

National Retail Systems, Inc. is capable of handling any piece of the supply chain as your ultimate 3PL provider. Our flexible services allow us to quickly execute the structured plan we’ve tailored exclusively for you. We’re equipped to cater to your highly specified preferences to assure the overall success of your supply chain needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way so we can provide you extensive oversight of your freight with full transparency. The services available with National Retail Systems, Inc. include comprehensive assistance with the following services.


Reliable Transportation

Part of National Retail Systems, Inc.’s customized solutions include reliable transportation with our own trucking divisions. Our dedicated fleet consists of two trucking sub-divisions that include Keystone Freight Corporation and National Retail Transportation, Inc. These two branches make up our line haul and local/pier divisions so we can easily service any location with a reliable means of start to finish transportation. At the core of our transportation divisions are a variety of experienced drivers with a diverse range of skill and proficiency.

Our valued employees will handle your freight with the utmost care and concern for reaching its final destination. To assist with the transportation and smooth distribution of your product, National Retail Systems, Inc. also provides a warehousing division under National Retail Consolidation. Here your freight will undergo our unique cross-docking strategies to get the product unloaded and off to its final location. With convenient hub locations near major U.S. ports and major highways, your product is in good hands with National Retail Systems, Inc.

Experienced Supply Chain Management

National Retail Systems, Inc. considers your logistics goals as our own. With over 65 years of transportation and logistics experience, National Retail Systems, Inc. has mastered the lean logistics model. The longevity of our company has allowed us to handle 4 billion+ pounds of freight, 50 million+ truck miles, and the fulfillment of 250,000+ store deliveries. Contact National Retail Systems, Inc. today for the ultimate 3PL service.