Savannah, GA

125 Distribution Dr
Savannah, GA 31408

3PL Savannah

Savannah Logistics Services: Deconsolidation, Drayage, DC Bypass, and Distribution

NRS’ 3PL Savannah logistics warehouse is located 4 miles from the Port.

NRS’ is ideally positioned to handle all your 3PL service needs. NRS has the assets and capacity to handle your peak freight volumes. We provide all the 3PL services you require to move your freight from port to the store shelf.

Savannah features a retail-focused building designed specifically for high-speed, high-volume container transload logistics services. The building is 140,000 square feet with 510 parking spots for containers and trailers, and an approved Foreign Trade Zone. The 85-foot-wide crossdock has approximately 90 doors on each side, and currently has 40,000 square feet reserved for special project warehouse space for distribution services.

The Port of Savannah is the second busiest U.S. Container Exporter with record low congestion, and has immediate access to two major Interstates: 1-16 (East/West) and I-96 (North/South) making the port an easy choice for many shippers. The Port also has 10,00 feet of berth space that can handle up to 14 LTEU Post Panamax Ships (PPX), and 26 PPX cranes that can handle every containership sailing today. With a 1,200 acre yard, the Port is the single largest container terminal in North America offering pier drivers the ease of quick and efficient turn times that are some of the best in the country with record low congestion.

Savannah, GA is not just a destination spot for tourists looking for Southern charm, but is a hotbed of import distribution centers on the East Coast. The location also offers a four-hour drive to many major markets, including: Atlanta, Orlando, and Charlotte to name a few.