New York / New Jersey

1624 16th St
North Bergen, NJ 07047

3PL New Jersey Logistics

3PL New Jersey Logistics Services: Consolidation, Deconsolidation, Truckload, Drayage, Store Delivery, Dedicated Fleet, DC Bypass, and Distribution

The 1624 16th Street building, or as commonly referred to as ‘C Building’ is 120,000 square feet, and has 88 doors making the location ideal for deconsolidation, consolidation, and transload services. A completely automated conveyor system brings ease and convenience to the fourth quarter retail rush of the holidays at our 3PL New Jersey logistics hub. Packages are labeled, sorted and segregated to the appropriate outbound trailer with little to no need for human touch.

The warehouse management system gives real-time receiving, manifesting, and EDI data. The NRS iTrack App is our ‘glass-house’ dashboard that is available to all customers. The iTrack App is available on all devices connected to the Internet, and can be customized to fit each individual customer’s needs and preferred layout.

This building is located on the 1.5 million square feet property that neighbors other terminals that are run and owned by National Retail Systems, Inc. Dedicated security teams heavily guard, and secure the facilities around the clock. Custom security solutions are in place for various customers, and all equipment has GPS tractor and trailer tracking installed for on-the-road precaution.

This facility also includes yard management services to handle the constant flow of traffic. The yard management technology gives real-time reports and data to ensure speed and reliability. The campus yard is actively running 24/7, and conveniently has an in-house maintenance mechanic shop to ensure that equipment has a speedy and safe turnaround for drivers.

Location, location, location – this facility is located 10 miles from the New York/New Jersey Ports, and 4 miles from downtown Manhattan. Drivers only have to drive a few short miles to jump on Highway 95 (North/South) to head either upstate, or down south.

NRS’ New York & New Jersey locations are ideally positioned to handle all your 3PL service needs. NRS has the assets and capacity to handle your peak freight volumes. We provide all the 3PL services you require to move your freight from port to the store shelf.