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Optimizing Your Supply Chain Performance

Today’s world is fast, but your business’ supply chain store delivery should be even faster. Optimizing your store delivery with speed and efficiency acts as the main catalyst for consistent retail fulfillment and revenue growth. Without this integral means of streamlined performance, business goals and expectations just won’t come to fruition. This strategy is not a logistics cheat code but a channel of the supply chain that requires a unique level of attention. Here are the best ways your business can increase store delivery speed.

Use Convenient Hub Locations

There’s a reason those in the real estate industry stress the age old phrase, “location, location, location” – and the same applies for your supply chain. Access to a wide range of hub locations creates the ability to easily reach store locations spread far from one another. Shipments can be easily sent and received without any holdups during the otherwise long haul across the country. Some businesses may even be lucky enough to make use of the United States’ foreign trade zones when handling overseas product. In addition to increased transit speed, FTZ warehouses significantly cut down on your overhead costs throughout the supply chain process.

Find a Dedicated Fleet of Drivers

Truck drivers are the premier backbone of a supply chain’s success. They are critical players within a comprehensive logistics plan that keep the big picture cohesive and on-track. With a dedicated driving division at your side, store delivery will be accomplished with exceedingly high reliability.

Acquire GPS Assistance

Even though the most reliable drivers have the talent and skill to do their job well, sometimes they need some extra help. Just about anything can happen while on the road. Whether it’s an accident, poor driving weather, or construction, navigating the roadways can be an incredibly inconsistent and unreliable undertaking. Understandably, this can significantly affect store delivery speed. In an effort to counteract these complications, your team of drivers should be equipped with GPS tracking and guidance to work their way around potential issues. GPS can redirect a driver to a quicker path to save you time on store delivery.

Seek Drayage and Port Services

When foreign product arrives at port, a supply chain must include a solution to receive, handle, and ship off freight to its next destination. Having a dependable drayage team at hand in the ports is another important part of speeding up store delivery. This division of the supply chain is responsible for dealing with your product the second it makes landfall – so ensuring this portion of a logistics solution is in place is a crucial requirement.

Utilize Expansive Distribution Center Capabilities

While product is in transit it will need to go through one or more distribution processes in order to reach its ultimate destination. Here, it is equally as important to partner with a company that provides access to the most flexible distribution centers. With the integration of cutting-edge cross docking techniques and the availability of DC Bypasses, deconsolidation and re-consolidation can be accomplished in a manner that almost seems like you’re earning time back on store delivery.

Improve Your Supply Chain Management Today

Speeding up store delivery is a tactic of lean logistics utilized by expert supply chain management teams. By incorporating reliable speed into your supply chain, your business will experience what it means to have a well-conditioned logistics plan. National Retail Systems, Inc. is a full service 3PL provider offering lean logistics to all industries seeking to better their product fulfillment. To learn more about the 3PL services we provide, contact National Retail Systems, Inc. and discover the ultimate logistics solution.

The Ultimate 3PL

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