5 Trends that are Influencing Supply Chain Logistics

a man in a suit analyzing a global supply chain on a tablet with a truck and a plane in the background

These past few years have been transformative for supply chain logistics. New and improved technology is jumpstarting big trends that are shaking the entire supply chain industry up. Companies are now revamping everything – starting from how they source their products to how they deliver them to their market. Here are five trends showcasing these industry changes, and how they’re influencing supply chain logistics.

1. Variable Logistics

E-commerce has changed consumer culture and their expectations for logistics. They want faster shipping, such as the infamous ‘free two-day shipping’, while others still want varied options to accommodate their situations. Some may want to pick up their order in store, while others want a specific date to receive their package on. Companies must provide all of these variable logistic options and more in order to satisfy their customers.

2. The Importance of 3PL

The demand for 3PLs, or Third Party Logistics, is growing. 3PLs came into existence in the 1970s when companies decided it would be easier to outsource their logistics than having it in-house. Nowadays 3PL companies are the way to go if a company needs any comprehensive approach to their logistics. 3PLs offer a wide array of services that cover transportation, warehousing, and distributing products. Contracting 3PLs is more cost-effective as well, since companies do not have to invest their own time and money into creating their own logistics system. Needless to say, 3PLs is a logistics trend that is here to stay.

3. New Technologies

Modern technology is taking over the logistics industry, most notably with robotics. Logistics is making leaps and bounds in productivity with the use of robotics in warehouses. The use of blockchain, big data, and Tracking technology has become more advanced than ever before, leading to greater transparency between 3PLs and the shippers. Shippers can now track their freight at any point of its journey. Adapting to the new technological trends has definitely become the top priority for the supply chain industry as a whole for years to come.

4. Consumer Relationships

Customer service is becoming a huge differentiator in this age of technology. The deciding factor in someone choosing a logistic operations over another’s will be how well they respond to your customer’s needs. Transparency is key for consumers too – they now want to know exactly where their product is from, and how it is being delivered to them. In addition, with the rise of e-commerce and complex purchases, consumers now want to make sure both their personal information and orders are protected at every step of the supply chain process. It is the responsibility of supply chain management to keep their big databases secure, as well as implement competent product protection and transportation.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic that is definitely entering the mainstay in the supply chain industry. Reducing carbon footprints and going green is a step forwarding in making progress on environmental issues that have long plagued businesses and the world. It is hard to undo the practices of decades, but sustainability is an essential part of innovating the current logistics network of your business. Many supply chain management systems are now incorporating green initiatives by executing waste recycling programs, zero emission trucking, and solar technology.

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