Trucker Safety Measures

Did you know that truckers are one of the prime targets of theft? In fleet management, it is vital to have safeguards in place to protect your fleet. Your employees and cargo can be kept secure with some simple security solutions and common sense. These security measures should be included whenever training a new trucker and should be implemented amongst the entire fleet. Here are the 5 most important security measures for fleet delivery

1. Communicate with Dispatch

Establish guidelines for how often truckers should be in contact with dispatch, and ensure truckers are sticking to those guidelines. Communication with dispatch is a safety measure because it establishes a timeline in case something is going wrong. If a trucker misses the window in which they are supposed to communicate with dispatch, it could point to there being a situation where the trucker or cargo is in danger. This could alert the authorities more quickly if the trucker is having some sort of emergency, rather than waiting for a missed delivery. 

2. Take Advantage of Technology Advancements

There are technological advancements that should absolutely be taken advantage of for your fleet. The first is GPS tracking. GPS tracking simply allows for location based data of the truck to be viewed by management at any time. It may also have capabilities to notify dispatch if a truck is going off route. This also helps ensure efficiency of routes in addition to its safety features. Every truck in the NRS fleet is standard equipped with GPS technology. 

3. Park in Well Lit Areas or Secure Yards

Truckers should be instructed to be very careful about where they park their truck when stopping for rest. Well lit truck stops or secure yards are ideal. Truckers should absolutely never bring a load home to rest or in areas they are unfamiliar with. Time with the truck unattended should be as minimal as possible. When parking, trucks should try to park tail-to-tail. This means parking so that their ends block each other, making it more difficult for a theft to take place. Other alternatives include parking against the wall of a tall building or any other object that would make it harder for a thief to open the door. 

4. Be Alert and Suspicious

Unfortunately, truck drivers must be vigilant of theft. They are targets of large organized crime rings and can be easily taken advantage of. Truckers should be very cautious of drivers who claim their car was hit or in pulling over when getting flagged down in a remote area. These are common methods used by thieves to rob a truck’s cargo. Be suspicious, ask follow up questions, never leave your load unattended or for someone else to “watch”, and call dispatch or the police when necessary! 

5. Train Your Truck Drivers

An unfortunate reality is that there very well may be a hijacking or theft, even when security measures are taken. Instruct drivers not to fight, as it is not worth the risk of their lives. Instead, train drivers about gathering the important details that can help the authorities catch the thieves as quickly as possible. Have drivers immediately write down important information and to study the assailant as much as possible. Important details include physical description, what they were wearing, noticeable tattoos or birthmarks, what their voice sounds like and what they said. The police should be called immediately with all the information passed on to them. 

Learn More About the NRS Dedicated Fleet 

National Retail Systems, Inc. has a dedicated fleet of experienced logistics professionals ready to get to work. All of the trucks in our fleet come standard with GPS tracking and our truckers are trained in the latest advanced security measures. Dedicated fleets work for only one customer, maximizing efficiency in routes and delivery time all year. Contact us today to learn more. 

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