3PL Distribution CenterSuccessful Qualities of a 3PL Distribution Center

Distribution centers and 3PL warehouses are crucial to the overall flow of a shipper’s supply chain. The role these hubs obtain throughout the process prove invaluable, and there’s little to do that can replace their performance. With a collective focus of thorough, well-coordinated efficiency, a 3PL distribution center (DC) is the pivotal force that allows shipper’s to realize their logistics goals. There is no one true definition of what makes a great DC since the structure itself and the dedicated employees within must be a wearer of many hats. With this in mind, a DC must be innovative, reliable and adaptable while providing steadfast capabilities. The factors listed below explain the major distribution center qualities that influence supply chain success.

Well-Placed Hub Locations

The first quality of an efficient distribution center is its location. Hub locations must be strategically placed in order to enhance the fulfillment rate of a client’s supply chain. In short, the more, well-placed locations, the greater range a company has to ship their product at a much faster speed. Truckloads will be able to come and go with ease as production begins to climb in your favor.

Commitment to Sustainability

Promoting eco-friendly awareness and initiatives towards sustainability is a common theme seen in today’s society. For shippers seeking a supply chain solution from a 3PL, many associated distribution centers are following suit in their commitment to the environment. A distribution center’s efforts of going green are always noticed and make prospective clients more willing to partner with that eco-conscious 3PL. Green design and a focus on energy efficiency puts a DC – and the logistics provider – forth as an attentive player wishing to promote environmental leadership on an everyday basis. From low wattage lighting, solar tech, recycling programs, emission reduction and more, all result in a healthier planet and a lower upfront maintenance cost – which makes a green DC even more beneficial to a client.

Cross-Docking Integration

Cost-efficiency is often a major point of consideration when choosing a 3PL service provider. A DC that incorporates cross docking as the main form of deconsolidation provides customers with significant reductions of storage and labor costs. This strategic tool cuts down warehouse time and takes broken down freight by immediately consolidating them on to outbound trucks. The productivity output from cross docking DCs provides an incomparable competitive edge against those underutilizing their hub’s potential.

Avoid Distribution Altogether

While it may seem like an oddball concept to consider a good quality, having the option to skip over the distribution center is a massive perk. More commonly referred to as DC Bypass, this service speeds up final store delivery at a significantly reduced cost. This speed to market perk can almost be compared to a “skip my turn” card, by literally “bypassing” the distribution center. A well-optimized logistics plan actively utilizes the service to minimize touches and handling of product – reducing margin of error for lost or damaged freight. Less of a quality of the physical location but no less important, the option of DC Bypass frees up space on-location – allowing for a more efficient coordination for additional products in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Innovation with National Retail Systems, Inc.

While searching for a customized solution to your logistics, take into consideration the importance of a 3PL’s distribution center facilities. Luckily, the qualities described above are not at all fictitious and can be easily incorporated into your logistics plan. As the nation’s Ultimate 3PL Provider, a partnership with National Retail Systems, Inc. will deliver the logistics optimization services needed to grow and streamline your supply chain. For more about our asset-based 3PL, please contact us and explore how you can acquire a plan crafted to accomplish the individual needs of your company. Transportation has never been easier and it all starts with reliable 3PL warehousing and distribution from National Retail Systems, Inc.!

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