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1952 – The company was founded in New York City’s Garment District. Francis Walsh Sr. replaced the hand truck he used to deliver goods to local retailers with his first Ford motor truck.

1952 – Mr. & Mrs. Walsh began growing the business from their home in Jersey City, NJ. The front room doubled as the office, and trucks were parked in the parking lot opposite their house.

1960 – The company added new customers. The first employee was hired and a second truck purchased. Mr. Walsh ran operations and Mrs. Walsh took charge of bookkeeping.

1968 – NRS’ 1st truck terminal opened at 111 Marshall St, Hoboken, NJ.

1975 – The company expands their premises to 815 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ.

1979 – Demand increased further and the company purchased 2820 16th St, North Bergen, NJ.

1981 – The company expanded adding major locations in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Keystone Freight Corp. was founded and makes its first cross country freight delivery.

1983 – We invented the Internet… we just didn’t know it. Our early i-Track shipment tracking prototype “Glasshouse” was developed using pre-internet SNA networking technology to give retailers and vendors complete visibility of freight.

1985 – NRS began major expansion to the west coast. The company opened the first location on Mission Road in East Los Angeles.

2002 – NRS launches its groundbreaking supply chain management platform i-Track.

2012 – NRS serves the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers. We continue to provide unrivaled service across the United States. To this day, NRS is still a family business.